PUB016-6 Public Health Research Methods- Bedfordshire University UK.

Unit learning outcomes of PUB016-6 Public Health Research Methods

1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the application of differing public health research designs and methods.
2. Construct a rigorous and replicable health-related research proposal, demonstrating a critical appreciation of relevant research and their public health value.

PUB016-6 Public Health Research Methods

What am I required to do in this PUB016-6 Public Health Research Methods assignment ?

Produce 4,000 word research proposal that may form the basis for your future dissertation, following the elements in this order:

  • Title page
  • Contents page
  • Abstract
  • Main body (see recommended templates for primary research and systematic review proposals)
  • References
  • Appendix (optional)

The research proposal assessment enables students to construct a proposal that may form the basis of their future dissertation. It is therefore useful for a number of reasons including making important headway on understanding the theory, rationale and significance of their future dissertation study, constructing a precise and feasible research question, and the methodological complexities that may be involved. It also enables students to demonstrate their learning associated with constructing a research question underpinned with theory and clear rationale, as well as their understanding of research design and methodological considerations, and the public health implications and value of their potential findings including how particular findings would contribute to existing evidence and theory. As the assessment involves proposing a study, no data collection or ethics approval should be sought during this unit.

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

  • Identify an appropriate research topic
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the elements of the research process
  • Construct a focused public health research question
  • Reflect upon your knowledge and skills of conducting a literature search.
  • Identify, justify and detail an appropriate study design and methodology that addresses the research question
  • Reflect on potential findings and their implications for public health

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