QHO319 Personal Knowing For Personal Growing Assignment-Solent University UK.

Module Title :- Personal Knowing for Personal Growing
Module Code :- QHO319
Level :- 3
Assessment Title :- Individual reflective
Assessment Number :- AE1
Assessment Type :- Individual video presentation (using Panopto)
Restrictions on Time/Word Count :- 10 mins + 5 mins Q & A
Individual/Group :- Individual
Assessment Weighting :- 100%
QHO319 Personal Knowing For Personal Growing Assignment-Solent University UK.
QHO319 Personal Knowing For Personal Growing Assignment

Consequence of not meeting time/word count limit:

There is no penalty for submitting below the word count limit but students should be aware that there is a risk they may not maximise their potential mark.

Assignments should be presented appropriately in line with the restrictions stated above if an assignment exceeds the time/word count this will be taken in account in the marks given using the assessment criteria shown.

Assessment Task :-
You are required to develop and record an individual reflective presentation of your Living CV a discussion around your LinkedIn profile and drivers for your future career aspirations.

You will pre-record your 10 min presentation using Panopto software and will upload to the Panopto assignments folder for this module.

You will also answer a set of post-recording reflective questions that will be submitted to the assessment submission link on SOL as part of your portfolio of evidence.

1. Portfolio of evidence as a Word/PDF document), including Power Point slides used in your presentation Future Me SWOT analysis SMART goals Living CV Linked In Profile and answers to a set post-recording Q&;A

You will draw on a range of activities undertaken throughout this module covering 3 key topic areas;

1. Future You
 Develop an awareness of your core strength areas through participation in a range of activities including SWOT analysis and Future Me.
 Create a plan of action, using SMART goals, to develop new skills particularly in relation to ensuring success at your further studies and future employ ability prospects.

2. Academic Skills
 Develop a range of academic skills, required for further study and employment including researching, referencing, written communication IT skills and presentations.
 Develop your reflective skills, using a range of reflective models and respond to feedback from peers and tutors.
 Develop critical analysis and evaluation skills

3. Employer Ready
 Create a CV using the ‘Living CV’ concept, ready to test out on employers.
 Create a LinkedIn profile

Your presentation should include the following;
 Reflection of your Living CV
 Discussion around your LinkedIn profile
 Drivers for your career aspirations
 Reference list – presentation should be underpinned with the related theory you have applied

To achieve higher marks you should
 Critically reflect upon and evaluate your personal development on this module
 Draw information from a wide range of relevant academic sources
 Reference accurately in Harvard SSU format and include a reference slide.

How to submit your presentation
 You are required to upload your video presentation to the assignment folder of Panopto
 Full instructions of how to download the software, make a recording what folder to submit it to and how to upload are available via this
 You will be uploading your Panopto recording to the folder Personal Knowing for Personal Growing QHO319 [assignments]

QHO319 Personal Knowing For Personal Growing Assignment

If you make a mistake while recording then it is acceptable to correct your self and continue without having to re record the whole presentation!

Alternatively you may wish to record the presentation in sections pausing it at the end of each section to take a break and collect your thoughts.

Your video presentation must be recorded using Panopto and a copy of your portfolio of evidence uploaded to the submission link on SOL. No other submission methods will be accepted

You are strongly advised to record your video presentation at least a week before the hand in date just in case you encounter any technical errors. Technical errors are not grounds for extenuating circumstances, and you will therefore be penalised if you submit late for this reason.

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