Question Nursing program – Two Models Of Communication

Nursing program – Two Models Of Communication .
Use the two models of communication to assess the communication needs of Patient and how the communication model can be used to enhance the interaction between the nurse and patient – The two models of communication are Patient – Centred Therapy by Carl Rodgers that focuses on three special qualities Empathy,Unconditional Patient Regard, Congruence and Brief, Ordinary, Effective (BOE) Model by Crawford, Brown and Bonham.

Give clear and critically analysed throughout your work. Provide rationale for the inclusion and exclusion of various aspects of the models with reference to literature and your own reasoned arguments.

Not following the assignment brief in that student have critique the nurse instead of stating how the interaction could have been enhanced.

Question Nursing program – Two Models Of Communication

You need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the subject.  Plus you need to demonstrate you can develop your own reasoned argument using credible literature to support you.  It will enhance the standard of your assignment if you include a broad range of literature to support your argument including relevant papers, discussion papers and policy documents.  you might benefit from using a thesaurus to get some different words, argue, cites, etc.

However, do not used hugely descriptive. In order to achieve a higher grade, you must bring in critical analysis throughout your work. Please aim to use material 10 years or younger unless it is a truly unique piece of work.You need to bring in more critical analysis at the moment it is descriptive about what the authors are saying.

You need to interpret what the authors are saying to support your argument.  Remember the assignment is about how the interaction could have been enhanced by applying certain aspects of a model.  You then need to use the literature to support what you are saying i.e. how you think the interaction could have been enhanced.


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