Question Proposal Guide – Digital Advertising Methods In Communication Plans

Proposal Guide – Digital Advertising Methods In Communication Plans


The study will aim to investigate to what extent UK organisations are currently utilising digital advertising methods in their communication plans and thus to identify current advertising trends in the UK market.  The study will also aim to investigate the importance of digital advertising as a source of media communication and will inevitably aim to identify what makes a digital media campaign a success.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the recent surge in practice of digital (online) advertising over the typical conventional method of traditional advertising (television and radio) as a source of media used by UK organisations.  In the past decade there has been a rapid growth in the usage of the Internet as a marketing medium for many companies.

This has had a significant effect on how advertising budgets have been allocated as organisations attempt to embrace the digital era.  This research will attempt to investigate this rapid growth of online advertising and will help to explain the importance and necessity of digital medium for an organisation’s advertising strategy.

“The Age of Digital Advertising: Does This Spell the End for UK Tradition?”

2 Objectives for the Research

you should state 3-4 maximum research objectives,relating to academic theories, your proposed investigation, your analysis and your conclusions (approximately 80-100 words): 


  • To identify the theories/frameworks and current research related to the purpose and importance of advertising and more specifically how it can act as a source of competitive advantage for an organisation utilising research undertaken on both digital and traditional advertising methods.
  • To explore the impact of digital media campaigns on the relative performance of UK organisations as a measure of success or failure.
  • To assess current attitudes of managers and employees of UK organisations in relation to digital and traditional methods of media communication and to examine current beliefs into the importance of successful advertising campaigns in relation to final product/service consumption.
  • To propose how digital media campaigns can improve the prosperity and reputability of UK organisations with regard to product/service adoption by new customers and retention of existing customers.
  • To recommend to managers what makes a successful digital marketing campaign by developing a consummate set of principles that help to determine campaign success.

Que Proposal Guide – Digital Advertising Methods In Communication Plans

4  Details of your research: (a) Identify who or what you will use to obtain data or information (b) Explain how you will collect this data / information and how you will get access (c) Identify how you are going to analyse your data / information (approximately 500–700 words). 

This study will attempt to investigate the recent emergence of digital advertising through primary research conducted with managing directors and employees of various advertising and marketing agencies across the north east of England and secondary research in the form of analysis of company publications/reports and company websites.

The researcher will conduct a face to face interview with his father; the Managing Director of XXXX Advertising – a successful advertising agency specialising in media buying and planning based in ??????.  The researcher will also obtain secondary data in the form of the agency’s reports and accounts relating to organisational advertising budget expenditure of north east companies and will attempt to identify key regional advertising trends emerging in the past few years.

The researcher will also conduct face to face interviews with the agency’s Media Managers, who specialise in the practice of online advertising media, in order to gain a greater insight into why certain organisations choose to use digital media over others and effectively how an online advertising campaign is put together and as such what brings about a successful campaign.  These appointments have been confirmed to the researcher in person.

The researcher will also conduct a face to face interview with the Managing Director of YYYYY; an award-winning marketing agency also based in ??????, specialising in public relations, design, digital media and advertising.  YYYYY offers a vast array of marketing services to potential clients including launch events, new websites, email marketing campaigns and media relations programmes.  This appointment has been confirmed to the researcher in person.

The researcher will also conduct a face to face interview with the Managing Director of ZZZZZ; a company based just outside of ?????? that delivers online marketing services specialising in search engine optimisation, pay per click management and social media marketing.  This appointment has been confirmed to the researcher in person.


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