Strategic Management Assignment 1 – UK

Module title :- Strategic Management
CRN :- 39297
Level :- 6
Assessment title :-  Assignment 1 – Written Assessment
Weighting with in module :-  This assessment is worth 50% of the overall module mark.
Assessment Information/Brief :-
To be used for all types of assessment and provided to students at the start of the module.
Information provided should be compatible with the detail contained in the approved module specification although may contain more information for clarity.
Strategic Management Assignment 1 – UK

Strategic Management Assignment 1

How to submit
You should submit your assessment electronically via Turnitin on Black board.

As the University will mark assessments anonymously where this is possible please use your student roll number and not your name on your submission.

Assessment task details and instructions :-
You should…

Part A
i) Explain and evaluate Porter’s five forces.
ii) Identify a Strategic Business Unit (SBU) of your choice which operates within the UK market apply Porter’s five forces model to analyse your SBU’s industry and discuss.

Part B
i) Conduct a capabilities and resources analysis on your chosen SBU and discuss.

ii) Discuss the current position of your chosen SBU in the UK market using databases accessed through the library.
iii) How can the chosen SBU best use its capabilities and resources in the current economic climate to ensure long term survival of the business.

This assessment should be presented as a report using font size 12 and Times New Roman. Harvard APA 7 th Ed referencing style should be used throughout the assessment. Diagrams charts and images are excluded from the word count. An appendix can be included.

Assessment drafts will not be looked at by lecturers but students have access to Smarthinking a padlet to ask questions on and sessions will be provided for students to ask questions about the assessment with the lecturers.

Strategic Management Assignment 1 – UK

Assessment Criteria :-
(This assessment contributes 50% of the overall module mark learning outcomes assessed – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, )

You should look at the assessment criteria to find out what we are specifically looking at during the assessment.

Strategic Management Assignment

Parts A and B                                                    Marks                                     Word
Presentation demonstrates                        10                                                N/A
critical analysis wider reading
and range of academic sources
Sub Total:                                                          10                                                    N/A

Percentage Mark Level of Performance (based on mark awarded):
90-100                                                                                              Outstanding
80-89                                                                                                Excellent
70-79                                                                                                Very Good
60-69                                                                                                Good
50-59                                                                                                Fair
40-49                                                                                               Adequate
30-39                                                                                              Unsatisfactory
20-29                                                                                               Poor
10-19                                                                                               Very Poor
0-9                                                                                                     Extremely Poor

Also refer to the detailed Level 6 grade descriptors available on the module’s Black board and the marking rubric.

Knowledge and Under standing

Assessed intended learning outcomes
On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:

2. Explain critically analyse and evaluate conceptual frame works models and theories to aid strategic analysis and decision making
3. Identify strategic problems and issues facing a range of organizational types and situations
4. Generate and evaluate strategic actions and solutions to problems with in complex and unpredictable environments.

Practical Professional or Subject Specific Skills

6. Extend their ability to research, analyse and interpret qualitative and quantitative data from a wide range of sources.
7. Consolidate cognitive skills in critical analysis and evaluation.
8. Identify and solve open-ended business problems involving the creation and assessment of alternative solutions.

Employability Skills developed /demonstrated
Communication YES
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving YES
Data Literacy YES
Digital Literacy YES
Industry Awareness YES
Innovation and Creativity YES
Proactive Leadership YES
Reflection and Life-Long Learning NO
Self-management and Organisation YES
Team Working NO

Word count/ duration (if applicable)
Your assessment should be……
1800 words +/- 10% in length penalties may be applied for exceeding the word count. Your word count does not include any charts diagrams images or the bibliography.

Assessment Information and Support
Support for this Assessment

You can obtain support for this assessment using the padlet link in the assessment folder. All questions on the assessment will be answered here and visible for everyone. Office hours are also available please see blackboard for details. You also have the use of Smarthinking and Turnitin draft submission folder.

You can find more information about under standing your assessment brief and assessment tips for success here.

Assessment Rules and Processes
You can find information about assessment rules and processes in Black board in the Assessment Support module.

Develop your Academic and Digital Skills
Find resources to help you develop your skills here.

Strategic Management Assignment 1 – UK

Strategic Management Assignment 1

Concerns about Studies or Progress
If you have any concerns about your studies contact your Academic Progress Review Tutor/Personal Tutor or your Student Progression Administrator (SPA).

askUS Services
The University offers a range of support services for students through askUS including Disability and Learner Support Wellbeing and Counselling Services.

Personal Mitigating Circumstances (PMCs)
If personal mitigating circumstances (e.g. illness or other personal circumstances may have affected your ability to complete this assessment you can find more information about the Personal Mitigating Circumstances Procedure here. Independent advice is available from the Students Union Advice Centre about this process. Click here for an appointment to speak to an adviser or email

In Year Retrieval Scheme
Your assessment is not eligible for in year retrieval. If you are eligible for this scheme you will be contacted shortly after the feedback deadline.

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