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Unique argumentative essay topics for students 2023

Argumentative Essay Topics

An argumentative essay is essential because it can improve your grammar and writing style, enhance analytical thought, and be useful in your academic and professional careers.

The purpose of this site is to give you the information you need to produce a successful argumentative essay. We do this by defining argumentative essays, providing advice on selecting essay topics, and offering various topics.

An argumentative essay aims to convince the reader to agree with and support your perspective on a subject by outlining your arguments and providing evidence to back them up. It’s critical to strike the correct mix between offering your ideas and outlining credible information.

An argumentative essay’s structure typically consists of three components:

  • A paragraph introducing the topic and thesis
  • Next paragraphs that provide evidence, reasoning, and original data
  • The final paragraph clarifies the argument and supporting details.

The essay’s length and difficulty level will vary depending on the student’s proficiency, typically high school or college.

These writings cover various subjects. We’ve put up a list of argumentative essay themes to get you started, whether you’re a teacher seeking essay topics for your students or a student assigned to develop an original idea. Here are a few ideas for argumentative essay themes, categorized by type:

Topics for Argumentative Essays (General)

  • Should abortion be made illegal, in your opinion?
  • Should animal testing be prohibited, in your opinion?
  • Does the death penalty serve a legitimate purpose?
  • Is genetic cloning prohibited due to ethical reasons?
  • How can people prevent human trafficking, in your opinion?

Political Argumentative Essay Topics

  • How should income inequality be reduced, in your opinion?
  • Are you of the opinion that the Federal Reserve should stop printing money because it causes an unsustainable bubble?
  • The finest economic system is that capitalism.
  • In your opinion, are elected officials better off attempting to reach a compromise or representing the interests of their political party?
  • Is reducing the US deficit the most important issue facing us right now?

History-related argumentative essay topics

  • In what positive or negative ways did the US Civil War affect the country?
  • Discuss whether lower socioeconomic strata had opportunities during a particular decade in the past.
  • Was the treatment of Native Americans morally repugnant to the US?

Topics for Argumentative Essays for Elementary School Students

  • Is advertising appropriate for children’s programming, in your opinion?
  • What do you think of year-round education?
  • Are boys and girls treated equally in schools?
  • Are you in favor of allowing children to cast ballots in national elections?
  • Which is preferable, reading fiction or nonfiction?

Middle School Argumentative Essay Topics

  • A good idea is beauty pageants.
  • Do violent video games have a negative reputation?
  • Does schoolwork get out of hand for middle scholars’?
  • Is your generation facing more challenges than that your parents?
  • Would you believe children should read books that are appropriate for their age, or are books for adults acceptable?

High School Argumentative Essay Topics

  • What are your thoughts on allowing flag burning?
  • Do you think parents might be prosecuted if kids don’t attend school?
  • Are relationships among people harmed by social media?
  • Should women and men be treated equally?
  • Do the environment and economy gain from wind farms?

Topics for College Argumentative Essays

  • Exactly how emotional are men and women?
  • Would you support lowering the legal drinking age?
  • Do parents bear some of the blame for childhood obesity?
  • Exactly how important are different college majors?
  • Do youngsters need to avoid social media?

Final Words

The suggested argumentative essay themes and ideas in this blog post should assist you in writing an outstanding essay. Please get in contact with us right immediately if the topics listed here do not satisfy you.