TH70084E Aviation Management Essay West London University UK

Assessment 1 (A1)
Assessment brief including criteria mapped to learning outcomes
This module will allow a student to apply reasoned judgement and rigour in handling information which may be complex, incomplete or contradictory.
You will find a link to both assessments on Blackboard together with Turnitin links for submission.
Assessment task: Individual Essay
Assessment learning objectives: 1 and 2
Weighting: 40%
Method of submission: Turnitin via Blackboard
Test Word count or equivalent: 2,000 words +/-10%
TH70084E Aviation Management Essay West London University Uk

TH70084E Aviation Management Essay

Assessment briefing and criteria:
This will be an essay, which is a discursive piece of writing which develops an idea or argument using evidence, analysis and interpretation. You will need to answer one out of four questions, see below.
These questions will reflect each of the Module’s parts delivered up to week of submission. Support and guidance will be provided each week in the timetabled sessions.

Marking Scheme:
Marks are allocated as follows:
 35% – Knowledge and understanding of concepts
 25% – Ability to collect, synthesise and apply information
 20% – Ability to generate appropriate conclusions
 20% – Structure, communication and presentation

Timing of feedback: Written individual comments on examination scripts by 22 nd April 2021.Students will then have the opportunity to discuss their performance orally with the module leader and receive appropriate feedback based on these comments.

A1 Essay Questions (only select one out of four and answer):
1.The commercial air transport industry is one of the most strictly regulated industries with bodies regulating its operation on the international and national level. Identify a situation/ case in recent or historical aviation-related events and then: (10%-word count)
(a) Explain briefly which international, regional and national organisations influence or are potentially concerned with the issue from the selected situation or case? (20%-word count)
(b) Critically compare the authority and potential effectiveness in managing the issue by the before mentioned organisation(s) drawing from your case or situation and their formal nominal area of influence? (70%-word count)

TH70084E Aviation Management Essay West London University UK

TH70084E Aviation Management Essay

2.Human Resources Management (HRM) is dealing with the organisation’s most valued assets -its employees. Identify a situation/ case in recent or historical aviation-related events and then: (10%-word count)
(a) Explain briefly which structural and organizational features can help to understand a specific aviation organisation situation/ case. (20%-word count)
(b) Critically analyse the factors that might be considered as key for effective HRM in your selected case or situation and discuss why this is the case. (70%-word count)

3.Concerning challenging processes such as airline management and operations; airport/airspace design and operations; or aircraft design and certification identify a situation or case in aviation and then: (10%-word count)
(a) Give an example of international and one of the national/ regional certification or audit standard/ document and discuss benefits that they bring to aviation as the industry. (20%-word count)
(b) Name one technology related to your selected case or situation and critically discuss how you think it might impact or has the potential to change the nature of operations or doing business in this particular segment of the aviation industry. (70%-word count)

4.Marketing and public relations serve the interest of the organizations in regular and disruption situations. Select a case or study from aviation and then: (10%-word count)
(a) Explain briefly which customers might be concerned in this case, and how to target them related to the topic of your case study? (20%-word count)
(b) Critically discuss the effectiveness of two contemporary marketing tools/ channels in the situation related to your selected case study. (70%-word count)

TH70084E Aviation Management Essay West London University UK

TH70084E Aviation Management Essay

Please note, the word count should only be used as a guide as to where most of the marks can be gained. You do not need to add the word count in your submission.

Assessment 2 (A2)
Assessment task: Written Assignment – Report
Assessment learning objectives: 3 and 4
Weighting: 60%
Date and time: Wednesday 28 th May 2021 before 23:39
Method of submission: Turnitin via Blackboard
Word count: 2,500 words +/-10%

Assessment briefing and criteria:
“The way forward and related risks of your chosen aviation industry segment.
What are threats and opportunities indicated it might face in three to five years from now?”

The nature of the aviation industry can have significant implications for different aviation organisations’ management. All of them face a very fine line between success and failure in any aspect of their operations or organisation. With this in mind, in this assessment, we would like you to reflect and discuss the future of a specific part of the aviation industry in the next three to five years. The report should include examples of management notions, issues and challenges and a discussion on how
these influences or facilitate the management of threats or opportunities resulting in managing risks worth the debate. This will be in report format and should be professionally structured and presented to standard that could be shared with senior executives within your chosen area of aviation.

You are expected to use the most up-to-date facts and statistics to evidence your statements together with academic sources to support your arguments. You are also likely to use specific industry examples to illustrate your key points. You may retain, and take advantage, of the same part of the industry from your Assessment 1 Essay or explore another by choosing different part of the industry, (please be mindful of plagiarism).

You need to write up a 2,500-word report (excluding your bibliography and any necessary appendix material). Your answer is expected to be in prose. Please do not present your findings as a series of bullet points or notes. You may use diagrams or non-text elements wherever appropriate to clarify your explanations. Please refer to this Module Study Guide, Module’s Reading List or UWL Library web page for further details and information on writing and referencing. You are to work alone in writing the
report, and all submissions must be individual. You must submit the assignment electronically using Blackboard. At the due date and time, no further submissions or changes are possible.

When submitting your assessments, please enter your student ID number in the “submission title” box.The document itself should contain your student ID number in a header or footer; your name should not be visible on the work. You have to include a word count at the end of your report.

TH70084E Aviation Management Essay West London University UK

TH70084E Aviation Management Essay

Marking Scheme:
Marks are allocated as follows:
 20% – Range and use of relevant literature covered
 20% – Knowledge and understanding of applicable concepts
 35% – Ability to formulate and defend a sound argument
 15% – Clarity of expression and appropriate conclusions
 10% – Organisation, coherence and references

Timing of feedback: Marks and written individual comments will be provided on the TurnitIn submissions by 18 th June 2021.

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